Do you want to make a Magnum Opus? Then attend this movie magick workshop! You’ll learn the secret history of Hollywood, the occult principles of filmmaking, and how to cast movie magick spells in this one-of-a-kind experience that may or may not be a joke.

The Hollywood Mystery Society has uncovered the occult principles needed to make a Great Work, and we want to share them with Hollywood. In this Course, there will be magickal demonstrations, short comedic performances, strange happenings, and unexplainable phenomena that -- together -- will convey to you the true nature of movie magick.

You will learn how WKL Dickson got the idea for the motion picture, and how Edison stole the invention and the credit. You will hear about the journey of the independent filmmakers west, and you will study the birth of the studio system and the stars who sought to escape it.

You will not learn how to become rich or famous! However, you just might learn how to live forever on the Silver Screen. Also, you might just have a good time for an hour of spooky fun.

Every offering of this Course will conclude with a seance to summon the ghost of Cary Grant for a brief filmmaking Q&A, where you will be able to ask your questions to the greatest star of all.

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