The Hollywood Mystery Society is a cinematic arts organization bringing myth & magick back to the movies. We believe filmmakers can live forever by creating a Magnum Opus.

We stage the Mystery Show, offer classes, host a monthly script reading, provide coverage, produce independent films, and maintain the Hollywood Almanac. Here is today's entry:

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Our members include Hollywood actors and filmmakers who work deep within the Industry. In order to protect them, our membership rolls are never revealed.

During the 2020 Coronavirus Lockdown, the Hollywood Mystery Society operates out of the Mystery School, a virtual theater space that hosts all of our events. You may support our efforts through a monthly red-ose offering by clicking the rose in the lower right.

With Love & Roses,
Lindsey Kay Carlson (Sor.)
Head of Recruitment

P.S. Despite reports, we are not funded by the CIA.
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